Andreana and I began working together in March right before the COVID stay at home order began. I was very concerned that I should wait to move forward with styling services, but Andreana made me feel very comfortable and confident to begin styling work by working remotely using my existing wardrobe and spending lots of time discussing how I wanted to develop my style. She was patient and determined, and so fun to talk to as well. We used her new software GoodPix to create a client microsite for me to begin shopping online, and although time consuming, we put together many successful outfits to begin and she provided awesome visuals on how to wear my new pieces with my current wardrobe to create full looks. When stores reopen we will continue our work together, and Andreana will definitely be my stylist for many seasons to come. She is so genuine and sweet, and I am so glad I chose her as my stylist!

Janine F. on June 8th, 2020

I know absolutely nothing about clothing or fashion. With Andreana I was able to let a pro handle it and did not need to worry about figuring out what I looked good in, what looked good together, or anything like that. It was a great experience.

David P. on August 24th, 2019

I recently moved to Seattle and while not only transitioning to a new city and climate also found myself in a more casual work environment leading to limited wardrobe options for work and social. I was not motivated to shop and didn't even know where to start. Andreana was very responsive from our initial meet and greet to my wardrobe audit and then our shopping trip. I decided to work with Andreana vs other stylists because of her relaxed yet confident approach and the tremendous value that came with her work. I left the experience with excitement for my new clothing and enthusiasm to go out and wear them! I have received many compliments on the outfits Andreana helped me with and have even had friends go buy the pieces too! Finally, I also feel more comfortable shopping independently from what I learned in the short time working with Andreana. Give yourself the gift of style and reach out to Andreana today - it will be worth it!

Shelley O. on December 10th, 2018

I hate clothes shopping more than going to the dentist and Andreana was very flexible with that. She also found clothes for me that fit my very specific and difficult specifications.

Frances H. on October 23rd, 2018

Andreana is great to work with. For the the first session, she was quickly able to help me breathe some fresh air into my wardrobe, and my sense of style was already getting a big boost. I'll definitely be booking follow up sessions.

Teddy M. on September 23rd, 2018

I sought out a stylist on a whim to update my wardrobe into a more business-centered direction and was contacted by Andreana quite quickly. She was the first one to contact me, but that's not why I chose to work with her; she was very prompt, incredibly detailed, professional, and genuine in her desire to assist her potential clients. I took a look at her website and it was also very professionally done, which made my decision to work with her even easier. Prior to our appointment, Andreana and I contacted each other numerous times to get a handle on exactly what kind of style direction I was going for. Each correspondence was prompt and professional. I was concerned about how much most clients spend and she made it very clear that she was able to work within my budget. On the day of the appointment, it became quite clear that she was the right choice for a stylist. Andreana made everything very easy and simple for me, as she was constantly taking note of my sizing and going to grab more sizes when needed. It's great to have someone be able to look at the clothing you're trying on and give an outside perspective on what looks good and fits your body type well. It was a very successful shopping experience, and I came out with an entirely new wardrobe that I am happy with. After the appointment, she contacted me the same night to supply me with all of the notes on additional styles and sizing, as well as different color variations so that I have a better understanding of how to coordinate my new attire. I am very happy I chose to work with Andreana and will continue to do so in the near future to find more casual clothing options.

Kolby D. on May 19, 2018

Ms. Miceli was such a tremendous help for me. I needed help finding the right suit with a matching tie for a wedding. I didn't even know what my size was and she was very patient. Not only did she help me pick out everything, she saved me over $250 by finding a great sale and also finding coupons from that particular store. I would have never thought to do all of that. Way worth it! I would hire her again for sure!

Willow G. on May 18th, 2018

I had gained weight recently... I had a 30 year high school reunion coming up... I had nothing to wear... I panicked!! Luckily, I found Andreana of Bakert Miceli Design. She responded immediately to my request, answered several questions by email, and scheduled an appointment at my apartment within a few days. Andreana put my mind at ease within moments of meeting her. She listened to my concerns - the weight gain, not wanting to look old, not knowing if my clothing was "age appropriate" for me, being hard to fit, etc. - and then assured me that she could help me find an outfit (clothing, accessories, shoes) for my reunion as well as address my general wardrobe concerns. The first meeting we went through most of my closet and Andreana helped me weed out a bunch of clothes that no longer worked for me (or never really did). She explained why, which is crucial so I don't keep making the same mistakes. I filled two large garbage bags of clothing to give away - and this was after I had done a huge purge on my own just a couple months before! Andreana is so organized. She took notes and photos as we worked, making a list of items I needed to purchase in order to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe (mostly basics). I felt so much better after that first meeting! After that we scheduled two shopping trips to buy a dress for my reunion, as well as some of the basics from her list. Having Andreana in the store with me was fabulous! She knows how to work with the store clerks and quickly scan the store so that we used our time most efficiently. And she showed me why I was selecting the wrong sizes, or tips like how to tie the belt of a dress to be more flattering to my figure. I accomplished so much in so little time with her. And I typically HATE shopping!! In between our meetings Andreana would send follow up emails to summarize the items I still needed to purchase, and would send photos or links for suggested items. Her emails were so helpful and kept me focused. I went to my reunion this past weekend, and thanks to Andreana's help I felt stylish and beautiful, and received tons of compliments!! Huge success!!! I would absolutely recommend Bakert Miceli Design to anyone looking for a stylist and/or personal shopper. If you've been thinking about it but aren't sure, contact Andreana and give it a try!

Kelly S. on July 20th, 2017

I recently had the pleasure of working with Andreana for our event association's fashion show. As our stylist for the event, she worked with all of our different body types to find us the most complimenting outfits and accessories. All of her suggestions were wonderful and she helped us feel confident and beautiful throughout the entire experience. I would highly recommend working with Andreana on all of your styling needs from personal to professional to casual!

Ashley G. on May 4th, 2017

I just worked with Andreana as she styled myself and others for a fashion show - she helped me select a look that best suited my style and shape. She was professional, knowledgeable and fun to be around! I would highly recommend.

Michelle R. on May 3rd, 2017

I recently hired Andreana as a photoshoot stylist for my company, Adelante Shoe Co. Put simply, I could not have been more pleased with her professionalism, styling ability, or positive attitude. Andreana quickly understood the "young professional" shoot concept, and then worked with our four models (both before and during the shoot) to style appropriate outfits. During the shoot, she communicated easily with our photographers as well as our models. She was a huge value add for our team, and I absolutely plan to continue working with her in the future.

Peter S. on April 9th, 2017

I wish I could leave more than 5 stars! I reached out to Andreana on a whim back in November after deciding one day that enough was enough. I had the following two goals: 1. I no longer wanted to be overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in my closets. I wanted to be able to open the closet doors and see everything I own. 2. I wanted someone to go through and tell me what staple items I was missing, then help me shop for them. Andreana not only helped me easily achieve the above goals, but also made me realize something interesting: I had lost my identity with my own wardrobe, because it hadn't been my own. You see, I have this wonderful aunt with a fabulous shopping problem, who had quite literally given me car loads of clothing. Having recently started my own business the past few years, the clothes were an incredible gift (saved me a lot of money)! But Andreana made me realize that I hadn't selected/purchased a large portion of the items in my closet, and that I was living someone else's version of style. It was so true, and I hadn't realized it up until that point! This also made it easier to get rid of even more (I had about 15 of the same style black dress), and it made me excited to start fresh. We cleared 300+ clothing items and 30+ pairs of shoes! It. Felt. Amazing. After the holidays, we took our list we made (the staple items needed + items I wanted), and went shopping. Andreana has such a great eye for fashion, but also a wonderful talent for listening and realizing what it is you truly love about your own personal style. She also opened my eyes more to colors and patterns, and enthusiastically yet gently guided me out of my "safety zone", and into styles and colors I wouldn't normally choose for myself. I actually get excited now when I pull outfits together on my own that isn't just basic black (it's the little things :) ). That skirt you thought you could only wear in the Summer? Andreana will pull together a Winter look with it that you never would have dreamt about (this actually happened and I wore the outfit 3 more times this winter and received a ton of compliments). I would recommend Andreana a million times over, and I will continue to use her services for season changes and wardrobe updates. She's a gem!

Kristen S. on April 4th, 2017

I called Andreana to help with finding the right dress for a formal black-tie, partly professional event...she was a great stylist to work with! I really enjoyed our time shopping - she had researched inventory ahead of time, and requested the private dressing room, we then finished with two quick store visits to round out accessories. Andreana was quick and on point with the options that she pulled (dresses in person, as well as screenshots & links, prior to the shopping trip. ended up with the dress, a second dress for other occasions, and the accessories. She has fantastic follow up, ensured that everything was available in time, and checked in afterwards. Like shopping with a very stylish friend, who is focused on making you look good... highly recommend!

Tina A. on January 17th, 2017

Andreana was wonderful to work with. In just a few short interactions I felt she had a sense of the style I wanted to achieve. I hired her for an in-home closet consultation. I needed help identifying what items were missing from my wardrobe and I also had a pile of things I just didn't know how to wear. Andreana helped me with both these things and I look forward to calling on her whenever I need styling advice in the future.

Megan L. on November 29th, 2016

Andreana is a pleasure to work with and a great designer. I needed a bit of help to complete a capsule wardrobe. She helped me identify gaps in my wardrobe and urged me to step a little outside my comfort zone while staying close to my style.

Kayla M. on November 20th, 2016

If I have to describe Andreana in one word, it would be “excellence”. She has good sense of style and her customer service is great. I was comfortable with her. I have never enjoyed shopping in my life. However, with Andreana, I started enjoying shopping. I loved the dresses we bought together. I get compliments on my attire, people have started noticing me. I did high-end, low- end, footwear and accessory shopping with her. I will definitely use her services in the future. I highly recommend Andreana as a stylist.

Swati S. on October 31st, 2016

I have been working with Andreana since early September. I hired Andreana to help me prepare my style for interviews and career appropriate clothing after being out of the workforce for a number of years. This woman has been a savior! Not only has she helped me with my existing pieces, putting together combinations that I never would have done myself; but also helping me to identify much-needed basics. Shoes, blouses, pants/skirts, dresses, accessories - there is nothing that Andreana can't identify as a good fit for my body and a practical purchase for my developing wardrobe. I would highly recommend using Andreana; her skills and services go well beyond the average style consultant.

Nancy P. on October 27th, 2016

I was in a much needed upgrade to my wardrobe after my maternity leave. Andreana was amazing! She is extremely reliable, organized, and easy to work with. I had a blast each time we met! On our first session, she helped me clean out my closet, created new outfits with my existing clothes, and identified pieces of clothing that were missing from my wardrobe. The next time we met, she took me shopping. She was extremely helpful. She suggested clothes I wouldn't typically try on and I ended up loving them! She was patient during this process and let me make my own decisions about what to buy (I never felt pressured by her). After our shopping trip, she sent me an email with lots of photos to show me how to wear my clothes (i.e., how to pair outfits with shoes, accessories, etc). I can't say enough good things about Andreana. I highly recommend her services, especially to new moms!

Jennifer R. on July 1, 2016

Andreana is absolutely fantastic. Every step of the way, from the initial consultation to shopping to follow up and review she was helpful, inspiring, and genuinely enthusiastic. Without question, Andreana has not only helped me update my wardrobe, but put me in a position where I now feel confortable to continue updating myself. I will, without doubt, use Andreana again.

Taylor H. on June 25, 2016

Andreana is such a great stylist to work with. She made quick work of my wardrobe, giving advice and constructive feedback. I will definitely be booking another session with her soon!

Jessica B. on May 17, 2016

Andreana is a treasure! I reached out to her to help with redesigning my wardrobe to better suit my personal and professional life. First off, she is lighting fast with responses. She was able to find a time to schedule me in very quickly. Andreana first started off by doing a current wardrobe inventory and suggested so many combinations that I had never thought off. She then made a very comprehensive list of everything that I would need to fill in the gaps. We went on a shopping session together, where she helped me find great pieces while being super budget-friendly. To finish off, she made a careful list of all the ways I could wear these and sent a lot of pictures to demonstrate that. Andreana is always there to answer any questions via email and I truly appreciate that! I would recommend her highly and would definitely seek her help in the future!

Preeti J. on December 15, 2015

Andreana did a fantastic job. She encouraged me to get rid of items in my closet that were tired or didn't look the best on me, and then helped me to fill it back up with items that were fresh, hip yet age-appropriate, and best of all, budget-conscious. She made sure that I was fully part of the decision-making process so that I will feel comfortable shopping on my own. While I'm still not a huge fan of shopping, I know I have a go-to resource to help me whenever I need it. Andreana is someone I'll consult with again and again!

Kirsten D. on November 29, 2015

Andreana is fast and we booked very quickly after she sent me a quote. She arrived on time for our appointment and we spent 3 hours going through my closet. I needed help putting together outfits that are more polished then a top and bottom that I thought matched. Andreana studied my Pinterest board before arriving so I felt like she knew my style. We created many interchangeable outfits with my clothing and shoes and made a shopping list to use on our future personal shopping mission. As a follow up, Andreana emailed me with a breakdown of everything we did and more ideas. She was phenomenal!

Liz A. on November 17th, 2015

Andreana is a pleasant person to work with, I had a great new experience. Our sessions were time-efficient and productive, and she provided me with a lot of additional information by email. Andreana helped me to look for items that I would never consider trying on before that turned out to fit me quite well. I would recommend her services to everyone.

Oksana Z. on November 5th, 2015

Andreana helped me to sort through the clothes I already had, suggesting great combinations and showing me some small changes in how I wore things that made a big difference. We then went shopping, and got a great range of outfits--some of which I would never have thought would work for me--that were very comfortable and flattering. She made the whole process relaxed and fun. I never felt like I was being pressured into anything. I've always felt a little lost when it came to fashion. Now I feel like I've gone from having no "look" at all to a nearly complete one! I'm so happy with my new wardrobe, and newfound confidence. Andreana, I can't thank you enough!

Nicole S. on October 20th, 2015

Working with Andreana is an absolute treat. She helped me with wardrobe overview and one shopping session, and I couldn't be happier. Andreana is very professional, energetic, and positive in her approach. In just 3 hours she managed to do a complete review of my clothes, match the existing items into great outfits, and made suggestions for pieces to purchase in the future. I was also pleasantly surprised that by the time she arrived for our first session, Andreana had already thoughtfully reviewed my Pinterest boards and had a sense of my personal style.

Anna K. on October 19th, 2015

I was going through a bit of a tough time getting my closet to match up my new style and just getting the unnecessary pieces out of the way, and Andreana worked through my closet like a PRO. She did an amazing job rearranging the closet so that my outfit choosing process is all the more easier. Her impressive resume really shows. Nothing is an obstacle. And she even made suggestions for the things I could get to make the closet even more awesome. Overall I am very pleased with the work.

Amandla F. on October 3rd, 2015

Andreana was great to work with and I'm so glad I chose to go with her. I interviewed many stylists in the area and she was by far the best rate and also the best connection with my personality. She listened to me and focused on what was important. She made me feel much less anxious about the entire clothes-buying experience and even made it fun! She got me to try a few things I would never have picked out on my own and I ended up loving. Shopping was a breeze because she quickly found the right size on the rack (it always takes me forever to find the smalls, she went right to them!). She also made the process faster by knowing if I needed a smaller size or if the one I tried on was correct (I always need to try the smaller size on before I buy it, but she knew right away the correct fit!) She taught me what was making me uncomfortable with my old wardrobe, so now I can make my own choices moving further. Though I know she will always be there via email to help me again! I totally recommend working with Andreanna, you won't be disappointed!

Dawn E. on August 22, 2015

Andreana was referred to me by my son's photographer and was a complete professional! She came to my home on time, and spent one hour with my son (singer/musician) consulting on his clothing style for performing, ending with 4 clothing changes for an upcoming photo shoot. She explained her rationale and gave my son ideas for social fashion style vs performer fashion. She also recaped everything with an email and links to possible future items to consider, as well as communicate the chosen styles to the photographer. She was efficient and had knowledge of marketing strategies as well. I couldn't have been more pleased! We will definately utilize Andreana again as our journey progresses!

Vicki H. on July 29, 2015

I was having trouble figuring out what clothes best fit my body, while also reflecting my personality. Andreana very thoroughly went through my wardrobe and gave me ideas I had never thought of, as well as pointing out what clothing features to pay attention to. Being able to talk about the cut and positioning of pieces while I was looking in the mirror was extremely helpful. Not only were the ideas themselves helpful, but she helped me with the vocabulary I can use to describe my style and find new pieces to complement my style. I especially appreciated how easy she was to talk to and that my consultation was specific to me with no judgement and no comparison to other body types. I felt very at ease with her and would recommend her expert styling services to others.

Vls G. on July 24, 2015

Working with Andreana was amazing. She helped me go through my entire closet and 4 drawers full of clothes, figure out what I could sell, what I could donate, and how to creatively wear pieces I wanted to keep - some of these items I've never even worn before because I didn't know how to make them work! Andreana helped me with that and even followed up with tips and recommendations of things to add to my wardrobe. Picking out my clothes each morning is way easier now and actually a little fun. She was extremely helpful and I'd highly recommend working with her!

Alaina P. on June 1, 2015

Andreana helped me purge some outdated clothes from my closet and showed me how I can wear the remaining ones with more flair. The consultation was incredibly helpful and inspiring. The end result is a neatly organised closet with many options to wear!!!!!

Marina S. on May 12, 2015

I really enjoyed working with Andreana. She is now my personal stylist , she has so much patience and gives the best advice. What I love is that you can call , e-mail or text her anytime and she is there to help. I have truly found my perfect fit for what I need in a personal stylist!!!

Nicole V. on April 30, 2015

Andreana did an at-home wardrobe consultation and "closet cleansing". She helped me rid my closet of items that no longer fit my personal style and made fabulous suggestions for mixing items such that I feel I have a whole new wardrobe! Her suggestions were spot-on and non-judgemental. She quickly got a sense of what I really liked and what worked for me. She was a delight to work with. I never thought cleaning out a closet could be so much fun.

Joanne N. on March 15, 2015

I started looking for someone like Andreana when I became overwhelmed and frustrated with my closet. She arrived on time and quickly set to work. Immediately identified a strategy to get through my closet and spotted new outfit pairings I never would have thought of. She helped me sort through clothes that should be donated and organized my closet by event type: work, casual, etc. By the end of the process the realization was that I had most of the basics and needed a few bits to spruce up the outfits - statement jewelry, scarves, etc. She also provided some good tips on fitting. I arranged for a follow up visit to go shopping for the additional pieces, and we had a 3 hour session breezing through some of the stores. At the end of the session I had a couple new outfits and the beginning of those key jewelry pieces we had discussed. She followed up with additional sites to look at online and a summary of our sessions together. I also really liked the use of Pinterest to get to know my style throughout and the pinning of new ideas to the board as we went. Overall, I highly recommend Andreana as she was professional, friendly and upbeat throughout!

Keely L. on February 23, 2015

Andreana is amazing. I had her come over for a closet reorganization and she did a wonderful job. She dove right into my closet when she came over and had a game plan on how to tackle all of my clothes in minutes. She organized my closet by event rather than type: work, going out, and casual. I never would have thought to do that myself but I've already noticed it is a huge improvement for getting dressed in the morning. Andreana literally took out every single item of clothing in my closet and put it in a place that made sense and that I could see! She created a lot of space in my closet that didn't know I had by utilizing the shelving differently. She was also giving me outfit suggestions for each piece as well as tips and tricks on everything from where to shop to how to care for my clothes. She was so bubbly and upbeat the whole time, I really enjoyed both her consult and her company! I have already recommended Andreana to my friends and I look forward to working with her again!

Sarah C. on December 21, 2014

Andreana is a true gem! I have had the opportunity to work with her over the past few years and after noticing her passion for fashion/styling, I knew that this was a gift that needed to be shared with others. She is very detailed oriented and has a fresh perspective on what it means to express one's self, while exuding confidence! I will be using her services again next year for multiple events for my wedding. I have looked to her for style advice as well as for pairing outfits out of pieces I already own, sometimes it is just having another visual eye that can help create the overall look.

Through her step-by-step styling and wardrobe consulting, Andreana has a way of bringing fashion and design to your everyday needs!

Maria M. on November 30, 2014

Andreana has been a good friend and acquaintance of mine for many years. She is wonderful to work with, has great energy, and makes things very light and fun, while seamlessly completing the task at hand. She has done many outfit matches for me whether casual, professional or special event. I can always turn to her for quick and spot on advice, and she is amazing at using what I currently own to pair together something I would have never thought to match. She also really understands what looks good on a variety of different figures and can adapt to different styles with ease. Anyone would be lucky to have this girl as a shopping consultant, and will also find she is a pleasure to be around!

Julie L. on November 11, 2014

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